Aviva Rose Jewelry Designer

About the Designer

A love of jewelry and an instinctive ability to create is what led Pamela Cohen to where she is today: the designer, founder, owner and creator of Aviva Rose. Pamela has collected and created fine jewelry throughout her life, and she’s always had a keen eye for fashion and current trends. Throughout high school and college, Pamela gravitated towards jewelry design as a hobby. She even established her own line while at the University of Iowa, and her unique creations were eventually sold in small boutiques around campus. 

Today, living in the suburbs of Chicago, Pamela continues to use her passion and enthusiasm to find unique and unusual pieces from around the world. She gives much of the credit of her unique creativity to her two muses: her daughters Franki Aviva and Gabi Rose. The name of her line represents that commitment and love, and her desire to continually create a variety of magnificent pieces seems boundless. Her line has received press in magazines including Chicago Social, and buyers are quickly becoming loyal customers. Stores have also recognized her talent for creating pieces for stylish women: Her line can be found at many high-end boutiques throughout Chicago and and beyond.


Repairs and Resizing

We are happy to repair, adjust or clean your Aviva Rose Jewelry if necessary. There may be a fee connected to this service depending on the situation. All repair requests submitted after one month of purchase are subject to material and labor fees. For elective repairs such as resizing or chain lengthening, fees will apply.